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Company’s long term development strategy is building a strong and well-known brand in Vietnam, East- Southern Asia area and over the world.

In this term, Cham Cham focuses on the important majors, which create the lever to achieve the company’s missions:

           -  Developing and managing the strategic human resource.

           -  Researching, to be creative, improving, and changing.

           - To strengthenthe managing in supply chain integration.

We focus on the developing the supply chain integration. With each product in the market, Cham Cham always attachs special importanceto both product’s quality and safety. With a passion in innovating and researching, we have established the Green Technology Research Institute, which produces products from Vietnamese agricultural products with a completely different quality. All of the products are focused on formulation to the cultivation of raw materials, harvesting, selecting of quality raw materials, production and quality control before market release to consumers. We want to bring all the passion and creativity to serve the public health as well as create a new breakthrough for agriculture in Vietnam.

In addition, we have always focused on strategic human resource management to become a structured, professionally managed company, an enterprise with an ideal working environment, where the employees can contribute all the creativity and passion to the company's achievements.