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Company info:

       -  Cham Cham Group Joint Stock Company (CCG) (old name is one member limited liability company) is established on 19th January, 2009.

       -  Location: Ho Ong, Kim Lien area, HoaHiepBac Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City.

       -  Head office: 200 3 thang 2 Street, ThuanPhuoc Ward, HaiChau District, Da Nang City.

       -  Telephone: 02363.925.927 --- 0888.502.744

       -  Main business lines: breeding, cultivation, production, trading of foodstuffs, planting of spices and medicinal plants.

       -  Member companies of CCG:

           +  Cham Cham Thanh An One member Limited Liability Company;

           +  Cham Cham Quang Tri One member Limited Liability Company.

     Introduce about Cham Cham Group

Cham Cham Group Joint Stock Company is the pioneer in preserving, propagating and cultivating medicinal plants and agricultural products of Middle of Vietnam and Middle Highlands with typical species such as Hibiscus (Red Artichokes), green tea, black rice (herbal rice), lotus seeds, ...

Thanks to the corporative support of the College of Food Industry Danang (which under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) and the top experts in processing agricultural products, the Company researched and produced some of the soft drink products: HiO, Let’s Rock, DellyKiddy (nutritional drink for the kids), Delly Plus (nutritional drink for the adults); especially the milk from brown rice. Moreover, there are the wines from Hibiscus – Red Artichokes, first extract (of a preparation) tea, jam. The products of the Company was accredited to have high quality and allowed to circulate by the Health Service, the Department of Food Hygiene and Safety certified to have enough condition on food hygiene and safety.

With the strength is the mass ingredient, standardized (VietGAP), Cham Cham is aiming to create the nutritional agricultural products made in Vietnam, for public health and moreover, is to higher the income of the farmers in the poor areas and extreme poor areas.

The advantages of Cham Cham

       -  On researching: The company has the experienced research team, high qualification. Here are some of the products were made from the medicine:

            +  Hibiscus Red vinegar: Scientific Creation Prize 2015.

            +  The essence from PleurotusOstreatus mushroom, Lingzhi mushroom.

            +  Rice milk with lotus seeds, pumpkin, turmeric,…

       -  Cham Cham’s projects start with creative ideas, have less competitive, focus on the customers’ health:

            + The benefits from brown rice: Controls the glucose amount in blood in the people have diabetes mellitus, lowers the risks of cancer, prevents the          destruction in liver cells, losings weight in obese people, provides fiber and fat for the body,…

            + Hibiscus not only againsts aging but also prevents cancer, liver detoxifies, lowers the cholesterol amount, lowers the fat amount in blood,…                  Especially, it has a high amount of Anthocyanin, which is an ingredient for preventing cancer.

      -  We have a high supporting from the local leaders.

      -  The mass ingredient area is standardized (VietGap) and can be replicated to provide enough supplies for the projects on a large area.

      -  Even though our products have just landed on the market but they are highly evaluated on the quality and the sales is more and more increasing.

Being one of the enterprises in the food industry, Cham Cham has an awareness of our affection to the community and the social sustainable growth. We understand success is not only in the number of the sales on the yearly reports, but also in the outstanding and lasting values that the enterprise creates for everyone. Thus, Cham Cham always focuses on raising the products quality to please customers’ needs, also brings Vietnam agricultural products to a higher standard.