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      Cham Cham Group Joint Stock Company is the pioneer in preserving, propagating and cultivating medicinal plants and agricultural products of Middle and Highlands of Vietnam. The combination of unique products such as black rice (Huyen Me - herbal rice), Red Roses (Hibiscus - Red Artichokes), green tea, lotus seeds ... with the support in researching ofCollege of Food Industry Danang (under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), Green Technology Development Institute, the company has built a line of premium beverages. All products of the company have been tested for quality and allowed for circulation by Da Nang Food Hygiene and Safety Department.

With the strength of a concentrated and standardized source of raw materials, Cham Cham aims to build products that are derived from Vietnam's rich and nutritious pharmaceutical and agricultural products and then services for the community’s health. And more than ever, in the integration era, the emergence of products derived from medicinal and agricultural products in Vietnam not only creates the benefits for businesses and farmers but also creates a social meaning and brings Vietnam to international friends, worthy of being an agricultural country.More than 200 hectares are grown in Gia Lai province, NinhThuan province, and Quang Tri province, a small number but towards a great purpose.     

        Along with taste, quality and reasonable and competitive price in the market, we hope this product line will be selected by consumers. With each product, customers not only experience the quality of products but also jointly create a brand for pharmaceutical products and agricultural products of Vietnam.

       At the manufacturer's point of view, Cham Chamcommits to creating the best quality products for the community: No color, no preservatives, and no toxic chemicals.

         We look forward to the support of customers!

         Thank you!